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By: arnavut kremi | Date: Jan 29, 2019 | arnavut kremi
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By: Grace | Date: Dec 18, 2018 |
I am sorry to hear that you no longer have your Christmas display. I had seen it a few years and enjoyed it very, very much. Was looking forward to taking our friends out to see it.

By: Rachel | Date: Jul 6, 2018 | aluminium windows
This year's new additions are the best! It is incredible!

By: hunter gray | Date: Nov 24, 2016 |
I am so sorry you decided to quit. There will be a lot of disappointed people. I will miss it.

By: Kathie and Bob | Date: Dec 31, 2013 |
Craig, you are a talented genius! We love your musical selections, the light show is amazing and precious. Amity families are fortunate to have the Newton and Gray families as neighbors, your generosity will never be forgotten- THANK YOU

By: Brenda and Emily Tognazzini | Date: Dec 29, 2013 |
Superb light show! Thank you for sharing your talent!

By: Linda | Date: Dec 28, 2013 |
What a beautiful display you put on for the public every year. I just came from there and enjoyed it yet again. Sorry to hear this is the last year but totally understand that the time and expense of doing it would get old after a while. Thank you for all your work and the wonderful job you have done over the years.

By: Scott and Val Woods | Date: Dec 27, 2013 |
Thank you so much for your wonderful display. We have been out to enjoy it for the past several years and just went out again on Christmas evening. It has become a tradition that our whole family enjoys. I am sad to hear that this is the last year, but I realize something like this must take an awful lot of time. We really appreciate the gift you have given all of us for so many years! We wish you the very best in the future. God Bless you All!

By: Julie | Date: Dec 26, 2013 |
Debby, you babysat my daughter years ago, and now she is bringing her 6 and 7 year old to see your Christmas light show. It will surely be missed.

By: Dayvid and Vicki Artman | Date: Dec 24, 2013 |
Nice show. I particularly like the piano player. thank you for doing this for all of us to enjoy.

By: Dean and Sharon | Date: Dec 24, 2013 |
Thank you for all your time and beautiful show you have given us out in this part of the world. After a very busy day full of emotions and chores you brought my husband and I an hour of renewed joy. You will be missed. Thank you for the 12 years.

By: JESSICA CAVE | Date: Dec 24, 2013 |
this was our very first time out and we are coming back out tomorrow night with a huge group!! your show is amazing! So very sad to hear that it is going to end.... the sounds of all the kids big and small while I was standing there was very such a happy one almost brought tears to my eyes to see everyone together all so happy. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts! Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year To You!

By: Ragan family | Date: Dec 24, 2013 |
Thank you for the amazing display. Sad to see it end.

By: Jay Eichenauer | Date: Dec 24, 2013 |
Good show Jeff, glad we could make it out to see it finally.

By: The Thayer | Date: Dec 23, 2013 |
Thanks so much for the time and effort invested in your wonderful display. This was the first year we heard about it. The trip from Corvallis was definitely worth drive. The show was great. We enjoyed it very much and plan on taking our kids this weekend to see it. Sad to hear this will be the last year. Thanks again for all your time!

By: The Wegners | Date: Dec 23, 2013 |
We have so enjoyed making a trip out to your home a part of our Christmas tradition! Thank you all so much for all the time, effort, thought and man power you have all put in over the years to make it what it is today. We will miss it, but are so thankful for the years we were able to enjoy the beautiful display. Amazing! Happy New Year to you and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

By: the cringles | Date: Dec 23, 2013 |
what an amazing display i cant believe it went to this after a static display grat job

By: Erica Mercier | Date: Dec 23, 2013 |
My family and I enjoyed this show very much!! Thank you so much for doing this!! My 6 year old son loved the snowball fight he was laughing so hard..very cute! My 13 year old wanted to know how long it took to put up all the lights?!

The show will for sure be missed next year!

By: The Moore's | Date: Dec 23, 2013 |
We have made going out to your display a part of our Christmas tradition for the last 6 years. We are so sad to hear that this is the last year of it. Thank you SO MUCH for all that you have put into it. We hope your family has a VERY MERRY Christmas and New Years this year with MANY wonderful Christmases in the future.
Thank you again,
The Moore's

By: Hooten Hollar | Date: Dec 22, 2013 |
Always a fun time every year. Sad to see you are gonna stop. I would be selling hot cocoa to support your show next year, if that changed your mind..

By: Lisa McOwen | Date: Dec 22, 2013 |
So sad to read this is the last year... I'm sure it's a lot of work and so many enjoy it! Hoping for another year. Thanks for what you do though!

By: Shannon Harris Briley | Date: Dec 20, 2013 |
Sad to hear this is the last year.

This is a great show.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

By: Ryan Ryana Alan Debbie | Date: Dec 19, 2013 |
Ryan-I loved your show! This is first one I've seen and it wasn't the last. Merry Christmas

Ryana-carol of the bells was my favorite song don't stop doing the show its a fun thing to watch. Merry Christmas

Thank from the whole family

By: Kristina Carpenter | Date: Dec 17, 2013 |
This was my first year! It was AMAZING! My girls (7 & 6) loved them! I am bummed I never made it out here before. It will be missed. Thank you for so many years.

By: Ed and Joyce Conn | Date: Dec 16, 2013 |
Amazing! We enjoyed seeing the lights with our kids and grandkids. Sad to see this will be the last year.

By: Ms. Liz W | Date: Dec 14, 2013 |
Thank you Caryn, for sharing this on Facebook, it is awesome. I will miss my family this holiday, but will be with them second week in January. I will share this with them, they will love, and pass to their friends.

By: Melissa Waycaster | Date: Dec 12, 2013 |
I absolutely love your light show every year year. Very sad that this is your last year! Im bringing my 11 month old out to see your show cuz I know she will absolutely love it like everyone else!!

By: Leanne | Date: Dec 9, 2013 |
Your show is very sentimental to our family. My grandmother loved it and we have gone for years and years, she was unable to come this year she went to heaven but I saw your new angel in the tree and somehow knew she was there! Thank you for all your work for the community !

By: Debbie Wall | Date: Dec 6, 2013 |
I have taken my family to see your light show for several years now. My granddaughter just turned 5, she is getting old enough now that Im sure you folks will make some wonderful new memories for us this year. Im as excited as the kids every year to go see the show. Thanks for all your time and work you all put into making this light show so special for so many people. You truly have touched many hearts.

By: Dawn Cusson | Date: Dec 5, 2013 |
We come out all the way from Troutdale every year! LOVE this! Thanks for all your hard work!

By: Nicole | Date: Nov 30, 2013 |
I saw your show lady year for the first time and was hoping to show some family the show this year. Are you putting on a fabulous show this year? Last year was fabulous!!!

By: Suzanne | Date: Nov 22, 2013 |
Are you having a 2013 light display?

By: Tricia Fair | Date: Dec 30, 2012 |
The show was amzing as always! I was first brought to the show about 3 years ago and love'ed it. Each year I try to bring a few more people. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

By: Bob & Peggy Ortman | Date: Dec 30, 2012 |
Really enjoyed your light display. Posted on Facebook so Dallas Oregon people can get a chance to see this. Thank you for all your hard work. Have any of the news stations covered your display?

By: Bob and Penny Lynch | Date: Dec 28, 2012 |
Thank you so very much. We love coming up to see your show and I was extremely impressed again. Loved the snowball fights.

By: The Freeman Family | Date: Dec 26, 2012 |
What a great experience!! Absolutely beautiful. There is simply no way not to leave without being in the Christmas spirit. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you obviously put into doing this and bringing so much joy to so many:) We will be back and I am telling everyone I know not to miss it!

By: Richard and Connie Simpson | Date: Dec 25, 2012 |
Great show look foward to coming back next year. Merry Christmas

By: Whitmire/ Distler Family | Date: Dec 25, 2012 |
This was our first year as a new family and the girls have lived here there whole life and never saw your show it is now going to be a new family tradition. Thank you for being a big part of our new tradition.

By: The West/Aldridge Family | Date: Dec 25, 2012 |
Great show.....everyone should come see it....

By: Graves Family | Date: Dec 24, 2012 |
My Dad and I watched the show last week.I must say this was the BEST light show I have ever seen.Thank You for all your effort.

By: falona baldy | Date: Dec 24, 2012 |
Came up to Williamina to visit my sister and we went to the show and i was shocked, it was awesome, beyond words. Great job.

By: Duana Robertson | Date: Dec 23, 2012 |
Great show we have been here every year since we moved here in 2005 from Arizona. We love it and we will always come and see it. I work at a beauty salon in Dallas and I tell everyone. I can tell more people know about it because its harder to get into the parking lot to watch it. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and your Christmas Spirit. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

By: Jackie W. | Date: Dec 23, 2012 |
A group of us went for the first time and we were all so mesmerized by how stunning the whole display was. The light choreography was so fun and we just loved it! Thank you for all the work and time that you put in, to create something so wonderful. :)

By: Debbie Murphy | Date: Dec 22, 2012 |
All the way from Scott City Kansas.... It was the coolest thing I've ever saw!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

By: The Bradys | Date: Dec 21, 2012 |
Absolutely LOVED it! After watching it, I came right home and fired off a facebook message telling everyone to get out to Amity! Better than the zoo lights! Thank you so much!!

By: Lisa Lawson | Date: Dec 20, 2012 |
My son and his wife called me, my daughter and her two kids. They told us to get bundled up and be ready by 4:00pm. and that they were going to take us on a Christmas adventure! We had no clue as to where we were going or what we were going to do. When we arrived and began watching the show, we were all in awe and could not take our eyes off of the entire event.
You all must go. If you don't, you'll miss something very special!

By: Jacki A. | Date: Dec 16, 2012 |
Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas light display! I look forward to this every year. My son is only 1 year old and I am so excited to bring him back next year, it will be a fun family tradition! I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into this! I would love to donate a small something...have you ever thought of setting up a paypal account?

By: Connie, Kent & Lizzy | Date: Dec 16, 2012 |
Thank you for sharing your gift and talent. We loved watching the show

By: Christi Morley | Date: Dec 15, 2012 |
My kids and I loved the show!! They are asking me when we can go back. They also keep saying they want to MOVE TO YOUR HOUSE so they can HAVE the lights! We are impressed and also grateful for a good time tonight. Thank you for doing this! Merry Christmas!

By: Teresa Wells | Date: Dec 15, 2012 |
Thank you for year of entertainment for my family and friend. Every year we bring someone new. This year we brought our daughter and four of our grandchildren who were bouncing the the car and singing to the music. I know this will be a precious family memory foreverf.

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